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We’re Carroll Tutors, an in-home tutoring service created by a Southlake Carroll HS student. We’ve hired the sharpest Southlake Carroll students to serve your tutoring needs. All of our tutors have gone through an intense screening process and are extremely qualified.

Tutors are chosen based on:

  • Teaching abilities
  • AP Scores (5)
  • Class Grade (A)
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Dependability

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Get an Edge
We hire students who have already taken the class your son or daughter is taking. These students know the material, they know what’s expected, and they know how to study for your particular class.

With our amazing rates and great tutors there is no reason to go anywhere else but Carroll Tutors for all of your supplemental education.

We're Hiring
We are currently looking for more tutors. If you think you are qualified then please apply here.