HP Tutors is undergoing some changes.

The service is currently not operating due the lack of a student mananger.

I'm looking for a student, or students, to take over the project and rebuild it in a way that doesn't depend on a student manager to run it. The solution I have in mind is to simply list the available tutors with their contact info, rather than have software that attempts to auto-schedule people. The auto-scheduling inevitably fails, which then requires intervention from a manager, who ends up not paying enough attention to the program given that the manager is a full-time student.

Please contact me at v@vicramon.com if you are interested in building this, or if you think you have a better idea for how to improve the HP Tutors system. The service has been really useful for many people over the years, so I'd like to have something up and running in the next month or so.

— Vic Ramon
January 31, 2015